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Kamenets district
executive committee

Contact phones
Joint Russian-Belarusian  stock company (JSC) «Belaja wezha cheeses»
Socialisticheskaja Str., 18, Kamenets, 225080 (www.cheese.ru)
Director (+375 1631) 7-12-72
Waiting room fax 7-17-77
Marketing department 7-10-42
Kamenets branch of JSC «Savushkin product»
Sovietskaja Str., 4, Kamenets, 225050
Director (+375 1631) 2-50-21
Chief of manufacture 2-24-37
Bookkeeper (fax) 2-14-00
JSC «Verkhovichskij starch factory»
v. Verkhovichi, 225074
Director (+375 1631) 4-21-48
Chief engineer 4-21-67
Chief accountant 4-22-30
Private storage-manufacture-unitary enterprise «Kamenets coopzagotpromtorg»
Chkalov Str., 40, Kamenets, 225050
Director (+375 1631) 2-11-93 (fax),
Deputy director 2-38-32,
Chief economist 2-14-76
Manufacture workshop «Dvortsy» Joint venture «Santa-Bremor» Limited company
v. Dvortsy, 225055
Director 4-71-69,
Accounts department 2-50-69

In the district five enterprises of food industry function. JSC «Belaja wezha cheeses», Kamenets branch of JSC «Savushkin product» produce hard cheeses "Russkij", "Poshekhonskij", «Extra-Gauda», "Grafskij", "Berestje", "Elite" and other kinds, «Verkhovichskij starch factory» produce a starch. This production is realized in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The given factories make about 70% of a commodity output from raw materials delivered by agricultural enterprises and population of the district. By cheese enterprises more than 4 thousand tons of cheeses are produced. Besides JSC «Belaja wezha cheeses» is engaged in manufacture of whole-milk production: sour cream, curds, whole milk.

Private storage-manufacture-unitary enterprise «Kamenets coopzagotpromtorg» supplies the district population with bakery products. In February the reconstruction of bred baking workshop which allows improving the quality of produced goods is finished.

Joint venture «Santa-Bremor» Limited company processes a fish. The river sprat "Matias", caviar №1, “Ikrima” are known not only in Belarus, but also abroad.

Kamenets district
executive committee
225051, Kamenets, Brestskaya str., 9,
e-mail: info@kamrik.by
Kamenets district
executive committee
225051, Kamenets, Brestskaya str., 9,
e-mail: info@kamrik.by
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